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Blended Instruction Case Study
Data analysis activities involving clickstream server log and internet traffic data, text processing in search engines, and spam filtering. Appropriate for Introductory Statistics, probability and mathematical statistics classes.
Datasets and Lab Manuals for Data Analysis
A collection of real and sometimes messy data sets, including lab manuals for using Stata to teach basic data analysis to intro stats students. Currently translating into R and polishing the textbooks.
Teaches Statistics to beginning AP Statistics teachers using a workshop with a distance-learning course, followed by an optional practicum working with an applied statistician.
Introductory Statistics for Community Colleges
An introductory statistics book aimed at the growing two-year college market. Under contract by Addison-Wesley.
Model Chance : A Technology-Rich Environment for Learning Probability
Developing probability modeling software and supplementary curriculum materials for middle schools. Begins Summer, 2005.
Professional Master's Degree in Teaching Statistics
We are establishing a degree program consisting of evening classes that will offer a master's degree for those who wish to teach Statistics either a tthe HS or CC level.
Statistics On-line Computational Resources for Education
The SOCR resource seeks to compile a hierarchy of portable online interactive aids for motivating, modernizing and improving the teaching format in college-level probability and statistics courses.
Stevens' Arts Program Evaluation Study
Evaluating a longitudinal study by Victoria Stevens in which an arts curriculum in an LA elementary school was established and students tracked over time. See "An Exploratory Analysis of Educaitonal Effects of a Special Art Program in a Charter School, 2001-2002, Masters Thesis, Ji Young Kim.
Stevens' Young Musicians Foundation Study
Comparison study between LAUSD elementary schools to examine performance of students participating in music programs with those who are not.
Teaching Statistics Seminar Series
Spring seminar series focusing on topics in teaching Statistics